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So here's the deal-every time I shop for game day apparel to support my favorite teams, I'm sadly disappointed with the selection.  The options in the pro shop and in large chain athletic stores seem to be:

1. Cut and sized awkwardly - the struggle is real.

2. Pink - This girl loves pink, but as we all know, on Wednesdays we wear pink, not game days.

3. Mean spirited or tacky - keep it classy, ya'll.

4. Everyone is already wearing it, and I'm not trying to twink on accident.

Let me introduce...

Give Her Six | The Name

Give Her Six | The Name

Picking the name of a business is tough, I can't imagine the struggle to choose a baby name!  Here's the story behind the name, enjoy!

Short version: Like when a guy scores a touchdown, except for girls.

Real version: I have so many childhood memories centered around sports.  From staying up late to watch the Bulls own the court in the 90s, to playing softball every summer, sporting events were a staple in my life.  There were no professional teams in Tennessee until 1997, so the logical team for the entire state to rally behind was the University of Tennessee, and...