Brand Ambassador

Thank you so much for your interest!  Give Her Six is looking for an inaugural class of Brand Ambassadors.  The specific program expectations and requirements are still being finalized.  I can commit to you that this opportunity will be a rewarding experience for both Give Her Six and the Ambassadors.  If selected, you will be exposed to training and experiences that will make a significant impact on your understanding of start-ups and the business world.  You will be given the opportunity to take on projects and responsibilities that will shape the future of Give Her Six.  And you will meet a core group of incredible contacts that make Give Her Six happen.

I'm looking for ambassadors that:

  1. Love learning
  2. Can quantify and commit to a specific amount of time to grow brand awareness 
  3. Can travel to Downtown Nashville and participate in a 1 day training event and photo shoot July 30th
  4. Are eager for a behind the scenes look at GH6
  5. Are interested in taking on projects
  6. Seek challenges
  7. Have already aquired the hustle muscle
  8. Sparkle

Are you a match?  If yes, keep reading.  If not, thanks for recognizing that and please don't apply.

How to apply:

  1. Create a video and answer these questions (upload to your favorite file sharing site or youtube and include the link in your application) 
    1. Who are you?
    2. Do you like sports? What's your fav? Why? 
    3. Tell me about your skills with social media, project management and/or leadership.
    4. What makes you excited or engaged.
    5. Tell me about the last time you quit, resigned or didn't complete an assignment or job.
    6. Tell me about a product or brand you're loving right now.
    7. Share one idea you have for Give Her Six.
  2. Complete this application by July 10th, 2016.

Invitations to join the Give Her Six brand ambassadors class of 2016 will be emailed by July 14th, 2016.  The expectations and commitments will be clearly outlined in your welcome e-mail for your review and approval.

Thank you for your application and good luck,