Hey Y'all! 

I'm Julie, the Founder of Give Her Six. Born and raised in Tennessee, I spent every autumn listening to Vols games on the radio with my family and hearing John Ward holler, "Give Him Six, Touchdown Tennessee!" after every Peyton Manning touchdown pass. The Vols, and college sports, hold a special place in my heart. 

I love tailgating, cheering and everything the gameday experience has to offer. What I wasn't so wild about was the shirts and clothes available for women--lots of sparkles, lots of awkward cuts, lots of pink. I wanted something comfortable and stylish, but also clever and creative--an inside joke, a fun message, just something different. 

And from that idea, Give Her Six was born. 

This is my business, but it's also my life. Call it naivety, call it hopeless optimism... whatever it is, I think giving people a product they love, that shows a little creativity and gives a sense of community and connectivity, means more than just a logo on a shirt. When people email (givehersix@gmail.com) or hit me up on Instagram (@GiveHerSix) just to say how much they love one of the designs, I get a sense of their passion. When people have passion and share it with you, channel their passion into what you're making and it can lead some pretty special places. And that's what Give Her Six is all about. 






If you have ideas, questions or thoughts to share, I would love to hear them!  Email me directly at givehersix@gmail.com.

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