The Sixers

Meet The Sixers!  These extraordinary women are the inaugural class of brand ambassadors for Give Her Six.  They were selected from hundreds of applications to advise, innovate, and promote the brand in 2016.  If you are interested in becoming a Sixer in the future, keep your eye out for applications to open up in June for the year long commitment.




Favorite team to watch:  Tennessee
Favorite sport to play: Unfortunately, I’m not too good at sports but I love volleyball.
Favorite sports memory: My favorite sports memory was going to my first TN football game when they played South Carolina. That’s when I knew I was a Volunteers fan!
Favorite Give Her Six shirt: My favorite GH6 shirt is the heather grey tank that says “On Saturdays We Wear Orange” 
How I dress for a football game: I love going super cute but comfortable! If it’s still hot outside, I’ll go with a romper or dress. If it’s cold, I’ll normally just wear a long sleeve shirt and jeans! (obviously anything orange)
What I love about Give Her SixWorking with Give Her Six is an amazing opportunity. I love working with all #thesixers and getting to know Julie, the owner. She’s so empowering, driven and inspiring. I love the #thesixers! 



Favorite team to watch: VOLS...duh! #nobrainer
Favorite sport to play: football (flag)
Favorite sports memory: THE PAT SUMMITT coming to my high school and getting to play while she is watching in the front row
Favorite Give Her Six shirt: Orange Squad Goals
How I dress for a football game: Since most football games I go to are UT, my go to is an orange dress with a vest and some riding boots
Fun fact about me: I live off of coffee. I don't even think that the caffeine affects me anymore, but I just need it....all day every day. 
I have a golden doodle fur baby. Her name is LillyBelle (yes, one word with two capital letters...because she's just that important)
What I love about Give Her SixI think my favorite thing about GH6 is seeing how Julie, just an "average" person with a "normal" life had a goal and dream that she has now turned into a reality with hard work and determination. And now I get to be a small part of all the fun and craziness that is Give Her Six. 




Favorite team to watch: Auburn!
Favorite Give Her Six shirt: I'm loving the new lightweight crew neck sweatshirt
How I dress for a football gameYou can find me in jean shorts and an Auburn tee usually dressed up with a choker or by styling the shirt in an innovative way.  I love to support my team and stay true to my style.
Fun fact about me: I'm a Delta Zeta at Auburn!





Favorite team to watch: Vols!
Favorite sport to playBasketball…especially college;)
Favorite sports memory: Either when the lady vols won the national championship in 2008, or when my basketball team at Maryville College went to the sweet 16 this year, that was such a cool experience.
Favorite Give Her Six shirt: Baseball tristar tee
How I dress for a football game: I usually don’t dress up, i throw on a jersey or my favorite team shirt, maybe a hat and my converse with some jeans and roll out.
Fun fact about meBeing a college athlete takes dedication but just like with everything in life if you love something take the time to do it and branch out and try new things. Life is to short to not enjoy every minute of it. Believe in yourself, and let God take control because with him all things are possible.




Favorite team to watch: Tennessee Vols Football
Favorite sport to play: Ice hockey and yoga
Favorite sports memoryWinning a National Champion while playing ice hockey
Favorite Give Her Six shirt: Bella white tristar sweatshirt, for sure!
How I dress for a football game: I dress very trendy and cute. I like wearing wedges and floppy hats to games. I usually accessorize my clothes with some orange or sometimes I wear a number 12 jersey to support my boyfriend. :) 
What I love about Give Her Six: Give Her Six is a great way to support your team, but still dressing cute and comfy. It is very girly unlike most teams clothes. 




Favorite team to watch: I love watching hockey, so definitely our Nashville Predators!
Favorite sport to play: Does napping count?
Favorite sports memoryWhen the University of Tennessee Volunteers beat the University of Georgia Bulldogs on Saturday, October 10th, 2015. I was 5th row from the field in the middle of the student section in Neyland. The whole stadium erupted in cheers and celebration! It was absolutely unreal. 
Favorite Give Her Six shirt I have to just pick one?! Probably the Tristar shirt in Paprika. I just adore how all three sections of our state are individually represented by a star, surrounded by a circle that binds us together. I’ve always loved our state flag for that reason. I think the Tristar is such a timeless symbol that has been transformed into a super cute shirt!
What I love about Give Her Six:  You are not only investing in an amazing, Tennessee native company when you purchase from Give Her Six, but you are also investing in yourself through your wardrobe. Every single product offered by GH6 has been reviewed thoroughly by Julie, Millie, or one of the Sixers well before it is put on the website or shelves. I can confidently say that every product is made from nothing but the best materials, and the printing on our clothing is made to last. This company is going to be around for a long time, just like the clothes you purchase from us will be. Oh, and thank you for taking the time to read about me!