3 Game Day Outfit Ideas

I have 3 go-to outfit ideas for game day:
1. Casual Dress In Your Team’s Color. I like to shop right out of my closet for this one and pick something I would wear everyday. I usually pair a casual dress with a jacket or cardigan and top it off with wedges or boots. I also like to wear my everyday jewelry with this look. Dress like yourself, it will make you more comfortable.

2. Jersey + Skinnies. A jersey and skinny jeans (or shorts) is always a safe bet. You can dress it up with a blazer and heels, or go totally casual with boots or tennis shoes. If my #1 reason for going to the game is the concession stand, you can bet I will be wearing my stretchy skinny jeans.

3. Team Tank or Tee. I’m not referencing that huge worn out tee you sleep in.... Wear a simple team tee or tank. When going with this option, I make sure my hair and make up are on point to class it up. I love going with an inside joke or slogan tee to support my favorite team.

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